Low sperm quality

Male infertility

As many as one in five healthy young men have abnormal sperm quality and thus a reduced chance of becoming a father.  

Low sperm quality and quantity are key factors behind the problems many couples experience when trying to conceive.

Up to 25 per cent of all couples experience infertility, which eventually lead many of them to assisted reproduction (ART).

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Sperm quality test

Male fertility home test

The existing home-tests only estimate total sperm count. But numerous scientific studies have consistently shown that the concentration of progressively motile sperm is the most predictive factor for male fertility. Knowing your sperm count is not enough. Men therefore must  visit a hospital or an IVF clinic, if they want to know if they have low sperm quality. 

MotilityCount has solved this problem by developing the world's first home test that measures sperm motility and thereby male fertility. 

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MotilityCount ApS

MotilityCount was founded by experienced entrepreneurs and researchers working on in vitro fertilization (IVF) and has  received funding from SEED Capital, the largest early-stage venture capital fund in Denmark. The company has invented an easy-to-use home test, which gives a fast and reliable answer on male fertility.




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